Installation Instructions

Our verandas are designed as a simple ready-to-assemble kit.  A competent DIYer or builder should be able to erect one within a day or two depending on size.  Each veranda comes with a comprehensive set of fitting instructions.

If you don’t want to undertake the installation yourself, we may be able to put you in touch with a builder or installer local to you who has installed one of our verandas previously.

A few points to consider beforehand:

  • You’ll need to provide a suitable base for the veranda legs to fix onto – we can advise on this
  • The wall to which the veranda will be fixed needs to be sound – no flaking mortar or loose bricks
  • Check that there is sufficient space for the veranda and that there are no pipes, cables or protrusions that might get in the way.  If there are, we can advise on how best to accommodate these
  • Some aspects of the installation process require two able-bodied persons with the appropriate step ladders or scaffold towers

Outline Instructions – The 10 Step Plan

Step 1 Install a suitable foundation for the veranda leg posts

Step 2 Unpack your veranda components and familiarise yourself with the components

Step 3 Attach the wall plate to the wall

Step 4 Cut the leg posts to the desired length

Step 5 Erect the legs and eaves beam

Step 6 Attach the glazing bars to the wall plate and eaves beam

Step 7 Check the dimensions to ensure everything is square

Step 8 Secure the leg posts into ground using the leg fixing brackets supplied

Step 9 Install the glass

Step 10 Attach the gutter (if supplied)

Full Installation Instruction Downloads

You can download full instructions from the links below. To download right click on the link and select ‘Save As’.

To View the instructions simply click on the link

Instructions for Traditional Veranda up to 6m wide with gutter

Instructions for Traditional Veranda over 6m wide with gutter

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